Every Home Needs a Gnome!

I enjoy hanging out with the girls from the Spouses’s Club once a month to play Bunco. If you are not familiar with the game, you basically sit 4 people to a table (3 or 4 tables) and roll 3 dice. The goal is to score points by rolling a certain number. You start with 1 and each take turns to roll. If you roll a 1, 4, and 6 and the round was to roll 1s, then you get 1 point. You continue to roll until you no longer roll a 1. If you happen to roll three of a number (not the number you are rolling for) and it is in a single roll, you receive 5 points. Continuing with our round of rolling 1s, I would receive 5 points for rolling three 5s in a single roll, this is called a mini-Bunco. If you roll three of the number, let’s say three 1s in our 1 round, then you receive a Bunco, which is worth 21 points. On your score sheet you keep track of your Buncos, mini-Buncos, wins, and losses.
Okay, so there is more to the game, but that is not the point of this post. The point is the prizes you can win. We play our Bunco game with a “steal the gift” way of winning prizes. This past week I won with the most Buncos and basically got to pick any gift I wanted & no one could take it from me. Oh, infinite cosmic power! There were quite a few really awesome prizes, however, I chose the gnome.


Isn’t he adorable!! He is a doorstop. There were other prizes that cost more. I was even tempted to bring home the prize I had brought, but this little guy stole my heart. After a bit of begging and pleading, I got the location of the store…. I needed more! So, a couple of days later, I dragged Barefoot Runner with me to find the store. Oh, it didn’t disappoint. I bought a handful more to give as gifts this year. So, family back in the States, be prepared for your gifts that will be coming in the mail. You may receive a gnome… After all, every home needs a gnome!


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