It’s a love & hate relationship

Oh, school… how much I love you and hate you at the same time.  I enjoy the learning, but the papers I have to write are a different story.  I have class this evening (Friday) all day Saturday, and all day on Sunday – 3 (10 – 15 page) papers due on Sunday and a report due on Saturday.  Where has the time gone?  I’m sure I should have been writing well before now, but who has time?  Not this girl!  I’ve been busy – sleeping, working, trying not to melt in the heat of Germany (no really… it’s been hot here & for some reason the Germans don’t believe in air conditioning, or something like that).  I have been doing research today, really I have… I just … well… my brain is fried!  It’s too hot to think!  Either that or I’m a procrastinator – your pick!      Books

For those of you on my Facebook page that have been following the drama of “are we staying or going”… we are staying!  We get to stay in Germany for at least another 5 years – unless something more exciting comes along.

Time to get back to the papers/report.  Even though I would rather be in Paris!


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