Bon Appetit, Little Red

The chaos of getting here was so worth it. Little Red enjoyed her time at Le Cordon Bleu. The day started with her unsure if she really wanting to attend the class. She had concerns of being the only American or English speaker. I had let her know that the class has an English translator, so they must get enough English speakers to warrant a translator. She was then a bit unsure because she wasn’t going to know anyone. What do you know? A girl from her school walked in the door.


The chef was amusing and worked really well with the children. He taught them how to make this delicious looking tart. I haven’t tried it yet, I’m waiting for us to get it home tomorrow & share with the family. Some parents stayed and watched the whole class, I decided to let her explore and learn, without being a helicopter parent. I did take some pics at the beginning and end; she took the ones of the food below.



After her class, I asked if she had fun. I was expecting the teen response of a shoulder shrug and an “I guess”. I actually received a “Yes” from her. yippee, I don’t totally suck

Thank you LCB for offering Les Petits Cordons Bleus!
Now… If I could just get her to go explore Paris with me.


3 thoughts on “Bon Appetit, Little Red

  1. fredonnezmoi says:

    hi – thank you for that post. Please let me know the meaning of “helicopter parent” in the sentence “I decided to let her explore and learn, without beings helicopter parent.” I don’t get it 🙂
    Cheers, Michel


    • glitter gal says:

      A “Helicopter Parent” are those parents that hover over their children, involved in every breath their children take (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration). Their children cannot do anything without their parents right there. I don’t feel as though she can learn to be herself if I am constantly standing over her, monitoring her every move. Thanks for asking!


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