Library of Congress and the Senate buildings

Ah, the Library of Congress… Big Red’s dream come true.  She is such a bookworm & I LOVE it!  The building is next to the Supreme Court.


Library of Congress, housing great & not so great works.

The fountain out front is lovely; I believe it is Neptune Fountain.  I would think that it would be easy to get lost in there, with all of the collections of books, film, recordings, and other media.  Big Red & I might go in there, never to be seen again.

Down the street, past the Supreme Court, there were some of the Senate buildings. I think that it is important to remember what is said on the writing on the building, “The Senate is the living symbol of our Union of States”. I also want to remind our Senators that they are a representative of us, the people that form that Union.


“The Senate is the living symbol of our union of states”

Across the street from that building is another complex, this one had gates that led to a courtyard.  I thought it was amusing that the gate had a “S” on it.  I guess it is to let everyone know that this gate is reserved for the Senate.


Senate Gate

Next to the Senate buildings, there stood a church.  I wonder of the Senators visit that church, trying to find salvation for their wrongs.  Perhaps there are a few that pray for guidance.  Who knows?  Either way, the church parking lot could have been a little more full that morning.



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