Strolling through D.C.

I love D.C.!  There is so much history there.  So much to see.  So much to do.  I thoroughly enjoyed the sites of D.C. & enjoyed them even more during the early morning, before all of the tourists came out in full force.

First stop was the Capitol Building…


and another pic of the Capitol building


The building is quite impressive.  It is extremely humongous! I think most people tend to see just one side of it.  You walk down from the National Mall & there it is; who needs to visit the other side?  I do!! My first couple of trips to D.C. kept me on the Western Front of the building, but this last trip I ventured to the other side.

While viewing the other side, I strolled on over to the Supreme Court. It looks like it needs fixing.


Just days after I had visited, they were hearing the courtroom arguments on Same-Sex marriage and the Defense of  Marriage Act (DOMA). All we can do at this point is await the ruling. I tend to be pretty quiet when it comes to politics, but I must say, I am in full support of Same-Sex marriage & the granting of rights to partners in a same-sex marriage.  Why should anyone be denied the commitment and support of a committed relationship?  I was allowed to marry the man I love, why can’t other people be afforded the same respect for a relationship?  Don’t forget, it wasn’t that long ago that inter-racial marriages weren’t allowed, either.  Okay, stepping off my soapbox.









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