This was the view

Strolling through D.C. on my last day, I noticed a homeless man sitting on his bench watching the Scope it Out 5k Run/Walk for Colon Cancer Awareness, presented by Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation.  I’m sure he really had no interest in why the people were running, it just happened to be what was going by in front of him.  I walked in front of him and gave him a “good morning, how are you doing”. He replied with a “doing great” or something along those lines, he was really pleasant.  I continue to walk up the street and found a bakery (that sold really expensive French Macarons – or maybe I’m just cheap because I know how to make them).  I went inside, ordered two turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato croissants, and headed back down the street.  I went back to the 5k observer and asked him if he had breakfast.  He stated he hadn’t, so I asked if he would like to have breakfast with me and handed him one of the sandwiches.  I asked if I could sit on his bench with him and he delightfully said, “of course”.  We sat and ate, while I did most of the talking.  My babbling was mainly about the runners – poking fun of myself mostly & the fact that I would have been at the end.  He was laughing at my jokes, which only encouraged me to ramble some more.


As we sat there enjoying our breakfast, watching the runners go by, we seemed to have caught the attention of many runners.  We got a few waves, peace signs, and many smiles.  I suppose it did seem odd to see a woman sitting next to a homeless man on his bench (there were plenty of other benches available), enjoying the race, breakfast, and conversation.  I just thought, “why should this be such a big deal?”  We should all take the time to step out of our comfort zone, sit with someone that most people ignore, and realize that there are a lot of people in this world that would like for us to give them a little respect. I got up to leave, thanked him for having breakfast with me, shook his hand, and handed him what I left in my pocket (it wasn’t much, but it was what I had).  I continued on my way down the street, hoping that I had made his day, knowing that he had made mine.


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