Filling in a few details from yesterday’s disappointment..

I mentioned that yesterday I had a somewhat of a job interview.  To be a little more technical, I had taken the Foreign Service Oral Assessment.  I had already passed the written test & the personal narratives, so just getting to this point is quite a big deal.  There is about a 20% pass rate through the oral assessment, so my non-passing score had me in good company.  

The day started off with me getting dressed in a suit.  Now, I am not a big suit wearer, especially if I have to tuck in a shirt.  BLECK! However, I wore a suit, with shirt tucked.


Yup, that’s me in a suit, I even have my shirt tucked!

I stayed at the hotel that had a hallway that was connected to the building that I had to go to early yesterday morning.  I was trying to make that day as stress-free as possible. I got there and noticed that there were a bunch of men standing around.  It ended up being a total of 11 of us, 10 men & me.  One guy even mentioned that I seemed to be at a disadvantage being the only woman.  I let him know that I saw it as an advantage!  

There are three parts to the day: Group Exercise, Structured Interview, and Case Management. I’m not going to go into too many details about the process of those parts, you can find out more at the Department of State website . After I had gone through all of the parts, I thought I had done well… not super stellar, but well enough.  Boy, was I wrong.  I only passed the Structured Interview.  Funny thing is, that was the one section I was most concerned about.  I knew what to expect from the other 2.  Out of the 11 of us that started the day, only 3 had passed. There were some spectacular people in that room & I’m really surprised that only the 3 had passed (there is no quota).  Like I said, I was in good company.

Now that I’ve had a day to reflect on my performance – heck, who am I kidding, I was tossing & turning last night thinking about it – I can say that I do see where I can improve.  I’m not going to go into too many details, I was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

I will be trying again.  I can retake the written test in October, which I will do. I’m hoping that my experience with the written & personal narratives will continue through this next time.  Hopefully, I will be headed back to D.C. in a year.  I know Barefoot Runner, Big Red, and Little Red will be happy to have me around with them for the next year, instead of running off to D.C. to go to school.

Speaking of school… now that I know I will not be joining the Foreign Service within the next year, I will be starting grad school, soon.  Like my undergrad, I will be double majoring.  International Relations & Human Relations.  The fun continues….


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