To sulk or not to sulk

The big reason why I came to D.C. was for what was basically a job interview.  After a day long process, it didn’t go as well as I thought it had.  I did well, but I did not pass.  Boo!

 I got back from my interview, spent about an hour on the phone with Barefoot Runner (the hubs) & just wishing I was in his arms comforting me & my feeling of failure.  I had bought food to stock up my mini fridge & headed over to make myself a sandwich (it would have been a cheese sandwich, I ran out of turkey earlier today – all of which I’ve been trying to avoid).  I look down & what do I see, there have been delivery menus slipped under my door.  China Express was one of them. While I was here, my plan was to go to Chinatown (it is very close, oh, like less than a mile from my hotel) on Saturday. I debated for all of about 5 seconds if I should be good & eat more of the tomatoes & peppers that are stocked in the mini fridge or if I should indulge in the deliciousness that I am hoping to consume. You know I went with the delivery.  I called, I ordered, and now I wait for the food to arrive.  I hope it is as good as I want it to be.  I’m still not getting out of my yoga pants when I have to go down stairs & get the food, ah, sulking… I’ll be out of it tomorrow when I hit the road with my camera.  Until then… bring on the General Tso’s chicken! 


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