I see London, I see France…

One of the great things about living in Germany is the opportunity to travel.  I was recently filling out some paperwork & realized that I haven’t done too much traveling to places other than London & Paris.  The current count since November 2011: London 3, Paris 2.  I will be heading to Paris next month with Little Red.  I signed her up for a class Les Petits Cordon Bleu.  They offer the class with an English translation (which is great, since she has been studying Spanish in school & not French).  This is the same Le Cordon Bleu that Julia Childs attended while her husband worked at the U.S. Embassy in Paris.  I’ve taken a class there, “Chocolate Macarons”.  It was fantastic! 


That’s me in the kitchen.


Yummy macarons.

I can’t wait to see what wonderful creation Little Red will make on her adventure!


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