I need subtitles

So, I spent a less than fun day in the dentist chair.  I don’t numb easily.  I had 3 fillings that needed to be fixed/replaced.  3 fillings in 3 different quadrants.  Do you see where this is headed?  Double the injections in 3 quadrants of my mouth.  I want to cry.  In fact, I believe there were a few tears shed.

3 hours after the first injection & I’m still numb.  I don’t understand how my entire head can be numb, yet my teeth hurt.  It isn’t even teeth that had work done.  I had tried speaking earlier, but I sounded like well… like I needed subtitles.  So, instead of talking, I decided to blog my less than fun day.

Living in Germany, while my hubby is in the Army, presents some challenges when it comes to medical & dental care.  We do live near a military installation that is able to provide medical and dental care to us, so I’m not going to complain.  We did have to use a referral to a dermatologist on the economy, for a few appointments.  The referral department made the appointments for us.  I dread the day when I have to try to navigate the overseas system on my own.  I think I may just have to fall apart & let all of my teeth fall out.


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