Well, I guess it was going to happen sooner or later…

I suppose it was going to happen, I am blogging.  I know, I know… it is so cliche.  Isn’t that how so many people start their first post?

I suppose there is a reason for me to start blogging, it isn’t because I’m the most interesting person in the world (although, I do have some great stories 🙂 ).  I suppose it is because I do have a story to tell & I would like to think that there is someone out there that might find me interesting (even if it is just my hubby, because I know my children don’t).

So, I do have a few interests that I would like to end up sharing on this blog:

Cooking/Baking:  I wasn’t always a great cook.  I do remember trying to cook some sort of an egg concoction in my easy bake oven when I was little.  Then, I moved on to the deliciousness of Mac n’ Cheese, bean & cheese burritos, hamburger helper, etc.  I’ve upgrade a bit since then.

Travel: Love it! Enough said.

Creative Outlets: I started off drawing & doing ceramics in high school.  I then started scrapbooking.  I’m really enjoying my camera now.  I’m also pretty sweet with cupcakes.

After that, who knows where this will lead me.



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